Chapter 1: The False and Cruel One Page 12

5th Oct 2017, 12:09 PM in Chapter 1: The False and Cruel One
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Chapter 1: The False and Cruel One Page 12
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theheirtoilium 5th Oct 2017, 12:09 PM edit delete
So here it is, a day and a dollar too late. However, I hope you still enjoy it. However, I will have to admit, posting these like this on a weekly basis, I'm really starting to see some of the story telling flaws. I mean, I'm doing it all, but I'm more inclined to the artwork so I usually notice the issues with that first. I feel as if I'm drawing the story out, probably not in a good way, but at the same point in time, I did design this to be on an epic scale based on the narratives that this story is inspired by and revolves around. And in true epic fashion, when it rains, it will pour with action, but I am really going to try to work on not dragging it out so much. I'm probably going to start writing issue 2 now that I'm close to finishing the pages for issue 1. That's where the action really will heat up.
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