Chapter 1: The False and Cruel One Page 16

1st Nov 2017, 9:00 PM in Chapter 1: The False and Cruel One
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Chapter 1: The False and Cruel One Page 16
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theheirtoilium 1st Nov 2017, 9:00 PM edit delete
We're finally here. I was hoping that when this day came I'd be further along, but life happens and gets in the way. I'll just have to double my efforts and focus on not falling behind. But, with regards to "here"; well these are the new pages that I've finally been managing to churn out at a more consistent pace. ....And, now for the commentary on this page...

I like it, I do, but like everything that I do, I think there are things that can be improved. I've been working with scaled perspectives with the more recent pages, so I definitely see some perspective issues with this page, but overall, I like the layout that I chose. The people look pretty good, minus the weird angle and length of the beggars arm in the third panel.

But now, the insight...Anyone guess who the beggar is yet?'s a hint, his moniker the title of the first issue. That's all you get. However, see you next week...
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