Chapter 2: Slaughter of the Suitors Page 3

18th Apr 2018, 9:22 PM in Chapter 2: Slaughter of the Suitors
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Chapter 2: Slaughter of the Suitors Page 3
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Author Notes:

theheirtoilium 18th Apr 2018, 9:22 PM edit delete
Alright, so after being MiA for two weeks (seriously, I'm almost out of excuses at this point other than being a pos and cannot keep to anything) here is page 3 of issue 2. This is another flashback page and I tried more this go around to sort of denote that. I hope it comes across, but I'm just a fan of how this page turned out in general. From the portrait of Andromache of Thebes to the Trojan horse on the citadel (BTW, since one of the goals of this story is to be as historically accurate as possible, I spent forever trying to determine if I was doing a horse or a siege machine, but decided on a horse) and the other panels of what happens to Andromache.

The last panels were to represent the worst thoughts that he could have had about what happened to her. Obviously, the 4th panel is just another shot of her being pulled away, but the last two are really a stretch of the imagination, but given the times and how they treated women slaves, not to mention royal slaves (even though Lavidicus still doesn't know about his royal heritage yet) it's not terribly farfetched.

See you next week....

Oh, also, want some behind the scenes and WiP shots, follow me here& here.

See you all next week.